About Vale Green Life

Nick Vale has extensive experience in Australian and global agriculture and horticulture, intensive food production and food quality industries.

In 2011, Nick established Vale Green Life and now works from his design studio at Avalon Beach, NSW. As a qualified Landscape Designer, he is strongly driven by sustainable landscaping design principles which have a much smaller energy and water use impact than traditional landscape designs.

Nick incorporates his artistic vision, experience and ideas, based on an understanding of natural processes, into the design and creates usable garden spaces for both living and entertaining which are less time consuming to maintain. He designs gardens of all sizes from small city courtyards to large country gardens in all styles; tropical, contemporary, formal and Australian native. 

Nick has formal qualifications in Agriculture, Horticulture and Landscape Design. He is a Professional member of the Landscape Design Institute (LDI) formerly known as the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM).